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A Blue LLama Pop Up

Modern Asian American Cuisine

To our dear Blue LLama and Of Rice & Men guests, musicians, friends, family, and all those with whom we’ve shared drinks, bites, jams and good times together.

We’re writing to let you know that the Blue LLama Jazz Club, Jibarito and Of Rice & Men Modern Asian Bistro have decided to take a break for a few months. We’re not closing permanently. We mean too much to each other to just say good-bye. 

These are unprecedented times; we have to be smart so we can be here for you over the long term. Our plan is to reopen the Blue LLama and Of Rice & Men as soon as we can operate at full capacity, safely and properly. Take care of yourselves, and we’ll be back for the second set after a short break. We already miss you too much to stay away long.